Client: Furilla

  • Needfinding
  • Industrial Design
  • Naming
  • Identity

Hybrids are the future.

Furilla had some moderate success in that it was optioned by toy maker and purveyor Kid Robot. FUSE principal, Tory Orzeck,  has this ongoing chicken love and had this idea for a line of toys based on the offspring of 4 legged mammals getting together with chickens.  Of course, single eyed  creatures are also close to heart. This would result in these bipedal animals  he dubbed BIPETS. He pitched  the idea to KidRobot but got a big “Meh”.


Here's Nug, the cat that inspired the product.

Completely coincidental, this cat was discovered in Hlllsborough. Super dog like, Nug would play fetch and come when called. We don know if he was hatched from an egg or not, but we like to think so,