Client: Furilla



  • Needfinding
  • Industrial Design
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Packaging
  • Production

A Friend Furever.

Furilla  started life as a gift for a friend but then that friend’s  friends also wanted Furillas.  Next, FUSE had several projects to enter into the IDSA IDEA competition and  we thought Furilla would be a welcome reprise from the more serious ID products the judges would evaluate. Unexpectedly, Furilla won a Bronze.  With this small bit of  notoriety it seemed like an OK idea to launch Furilla.com, a website that would sell Furillas. Soon enough Furillas ended up all over the world.  Furilla was fortunate to slide into then unknown to us blossoming designer toy trend. Furilla  got picked up by several media outlets and was sold at KIDROBOT and  even had a premier at Chicago’s ROTOFUGI. Above is totally a cover story. The real story involves  invitro fertilization and a freak accident.

Late in 2005  KIDROBOT  decided they wanted to license Furilla and build production in Asia. We were on board but then the project hit a snag when the pricing  swelled beyond feasibility.


Life Support Packaging

FUSE developed a state-of-the-art life support system to keep Furillas alive and fluffy on their journey to the consumer. This package was also a nod to the modern day underground railroad Furillas used to escape to freedom. Yeah,... you'll need to read the Furilla back story to really get this.


A rich ecosystem evolved within the Furilla design language including this Baby Furilla that doubled as a wallet.

The 2 headed Furilla happened when we were just getting a little too confident with our genetic engineering. Nothing bad about the two headed Furilla except the the guy on the right is vegan and the other guy is a total carnivore. The complaining is brutal.

Twice the brain power at almost the same weight.