Client: MASON

  • Industrial Design

Walker, Texas Ranger

A successful real estate tycoon came to  FUSE  to design a better cane.  He had pals that were getting to that age and he disliked the choices  they had for this additional stability.    Our benefactor wanted something that did not say “disabled or feeble”. Something that was more akin to a piece of sports equipment.  He and we wanted  something  its owners would love and rely on like a favorite tool or tennis racquet. We know the best products are not just trophies, but also tools.

FUSE understood the styling problem but certainly wanted to do more by adding functional attributes to the product. For example can it stand up on its own, i.e. self-balance? Provide a better smoother gait? Offer greater mechanical advantage? Be lightweight and not cost a fortune?

FUSE generated several concepts and  here below is the  Blade Runner concept that  we and a focus group of users liked the most.

The Blade Runner (or Riddler?) can balance on its foot, provides shock absorption, adjust for height, collapse for storage and provide a better ride due to its  curved foot. This concept is inexpensive to manufacture with a telescopic aluminum shaft and injection molded handle and foot structure. A rubber outsole grips the ground and its design is easy to  clean.