Holiday Sled

At FUSE we’re always dreaming of ne  new products or product attributes.  Making big things smaller when not used is always a good thing. Smaller for packaging and shipping reduces cost. This sled  features a textile  bucket with  internal rips or rings.   Four black supports  hold up the structure.  The Payload bucket of the sled is like a collapsible cup,  This was the big idea we were playing with. We  put this one on a sled, though IT  could easily be the payload area  of a wagon. FUSE sent this out as a holday card in 2021



Mem’s Leg is the tribute to  a wonderful calico cat, Mem, who got into a tussle with an off leash Pitbull. Mem lost the fight and her rear leg after chewing through the stitches that had  put her leg back on.  While sounding tragic, Mem  moved forward as a very loved and  very happy 3 legged cat. She probably received more attention this way than she ever did prior.

The product, Mem’s Leg, is  a fun plush super sized leg that  doubles as a satchel, ready to carry your phone, keys and wallet. The interior is lined with   flannel, reminiscent of that old sleeping bag your parents had as kids ( or if you’re old, maybe it was your sleeping bag). Of course, Mem’s Leg is part of the Furillaverse.


Sharp Attack!

As part of a large re imagining of clip knives, that is, a redesign of  the trusty (good name) pocket knife,  FUSE also did the RIPSTOP. The RIPSTOP is this very detailed  product with its skeletal design, over sized pivot surround and subtle grip scallops that mirror the blade’s serrations.  The blade features a big Orca Eye assist, and it  looks like a predator (especially the with the  serrated version’s teeth) when open.  Some may suggest it’s over designed, but given its price point and the zeitgeist at the time, really it’s a nice composition.  Light, shadow, fasteners and openings within the the body  work together. This turned out to be a very popular model.

We had  suggested names like GASH MAKER, STABBY McSTABBER, GUTTER,  SORRY MOM! and STEVE CARVEY,  but none of these won.  RIPSTOP  is  kind of a funny name given a knife is the opposite of a rip stopper, it’s really a RIP-GO-ER



The SKWRL Bio Pod  is the industrial version of the Marwall  super insulated twin walled stainless steel  storage pod. This version  powder coats the exterior of the stainless steel and is targeted for food storage and beyond.

The pod shown features a double wall Triton lid that sandwiches a silicone gasket. This gasket provides a leak-proof seal. This configuration includes eating utensils, though other tools  may be employed.  An organ recovery version was  recently deployed in  eastern Europe with scalpels, forceps and suturing tools.

This insulated container can be used wherever temperature maintenance is required. The pod can be used for the transport of  food, living tissue, medicines,  plant life, pathogens and any temperature sensitive materials.


STEW  is a place for  ideas, drawings, models, oddities, musings, national emergencies* and more. These are not necessarily associated with a destiny of commercialization.  They,  hopefully,  have a smidge of creativity



Imagine you’re in  high school  and the new super cute Brazilian student arrives in your class and they barely speak English. With GWIJ on your phone you can start communicating with them immediately. You set your primary  language to English (you’re in the USA) and then make your  secondary  language Portuguese. Start babbling, I mean, texting away, and you’ll   be easily understood  ( remember, don’t come on too strong, or they’ll think you’re a weirdo).

GWIJ is a translating and texting App that FUSE helped design.  We did the name, the identity and  key frame design, even the double bubble text holder!  This app is just like your native IOS  messaging app, but allows you to set your primary language and  a secondary language that instantly translates your primary language. You can then send either your primary or secondary language  to whomever you’re texting with. The best part is you can see both your primary and secondary languages in the double bubble text  box.

With GWIJ,  you can see the Portuguese in real time as  you type your  words of love, I mean, your words of your  native  language.  Then, if you want to hear what the pronunciation is, you can hit the speaker icon in the double bubble and the GWIJ Translator Robot (she looks like Nicole Kidman) will speak what you’ve written out loud. This means you can practice saying clever things like,  “Wow,  I ‘d like  to  eat  this bad cafeteria pizza off your beautiful neck”.  OK, don’t say that, you barely know this person.  Ask them something like, “do you have a pet Tapir back home in Brazil?” And, in Portuguese: “Voce tern uma anta de estinacaao no Brasil?”

Get GWIJ in the Apple App store now!


Walker, Texas Ranger

A successful real estate tycoon came to  FUSE  to design a better cane.  He had pals that were getting to that age and he disliked the choices  they had for this additional stability.    Our benefactor wanted something that did not say “disabled or feeble”. Something that was more akin to a piece of sports equipment.  He and we wanted  something  its owners would love and rely on like a favorite tool or tennis racquet. We know the best products are not just trophies, but also tools.

FUSE understood the styling problem but certainly wanted to do more by adding functional attributes to the product. For example can it stand up on its own, i.e. self-balance? Provide a better smoother gait? Offer greater mechanical advantage? Be lightweight and not cost a fortune?

FUSE generated several concepts and  here below is the  Blade Runner concept that  we and a focus group of users liked the most.

The Blade Runner (or Riddler?) can balance on its foot, provides shock absorption, adjust for height, collapse for storage and provide a better ride due to its  curved foot. This concept is inexpensive to manufacture with a telescopic aluminum shaft and injection molded handle and foot structure. A rubber outsole grips the ground and its design is easy to  clean.




Many people, especially women, are very concerned about their skin’s appearance and they have a very specific regimen for how to clean and care for their faces.  These regimens can be very individualized as all  of our faces have  different requirements whether due to our genetics, diet and environment we live in.

The Sonatap founder recognized this  and wanted to create a single dispenser that would have cartridges that could be filled with a person’s unique regimen’s content. This  more convenient device would do away with all the disparate containers  and put them in one hand held device.   The cap contains  make-up removing wipes. This product  would be perfect for traveling.

Our solution was to use pie shaped airless containers.  These dispenser/containers are common in the cosmetic industry and refillable. The ergonomic problem becomes the greater the number of containers, the greater the diameter.

The very tight mechanical constraints had us  start the design process  by directly modeling the individual components and then configuring them.  We had to balance using an existing pump geometry with the minimal viable container volume with the maximum number of vials.  Our client wanted as many vials per device as possible.  Again, too many vials and the product is un-holdable due to its large diameter.  Creating a new pump geometry was out of the question given the development costs and  minimum order quantities required to get the pump guts at reasonable price

Our Revolver concept narrowed the diameter and  used a greater diameter  for the orbiting mechanism. This allows the user to spin the  dispensing orifice around the indexed containers.   Clear housings for the individual containers can make identification of each fluid that much easier

Runners Orp


Orp Industries has  always talked about building a running version of their innovative  bike horn/ light product, and finally with our help, they’ve done it.

The Runners Orp or “Rorp” is for runners, walkers, hikers and boarders of all  types. The big idea, of course, is to make  pedestrians more visible by being more hearable, but the  Rorp can do more. Runners and walkers who use nights or  dark early mornings to run and walk not only have a beacon to be seen but also a very loud horn to let any would be attackers know their attention  is unwanted,  and if that’s not enough, an accessory cranulator (machined aluminum) is available to cause  more serious damage.

The Rorp has a gumby-like malleable metal armature in its body so it holds on to you, works for small and large hand sizes and  features a dual tone horn,  just like the bike Orp, and the actuator is  always under thumb. The Rorp is symmetrical so works on either hand.  Multiple light modes including  highly visible green LEDs. The LEDs fire every time either horn is fired. Newest versions incorporate a  180 degree  Chip On Board (COB_ LED array. This new LED offers better visibility.



FUSE was contacted by a team of seasoned  product marketing professionals at the onset of the pandemic. They wanted help designing a face mask for professionals working the front line in health care, teaching and  emergency services.The team had identified that  seeing the facial expression of these first responders and front liners would be valuable to  reinstate the calm and confidence  these pros always want to communicate to the people they’re helping. The team was also obsessed with  minimizing  the waste associated with disposable masks. While the filters are not washable, they are recyclable.

To achieve the crystal clarity, the mask would need to be silicone injection molded. This lower durometer material and process also allowed for the undercuts we needed for a clever face seal and the nesting of the replaceable filters cartridges.

Keen viewers will recognize the Iron Man inspiration in the chin area of the mask. Actually, what  we were doing was reinforcing the chin to keep it stiffer so we could achieve greater elasticity in the jaw for mouth opening and talking while still maintaining a good seal to the face.