Client: GE

  • Needfinding
  • Industrial Design
  • Naming

DIY Plumbing in the house of the future.

GE Plastics built a  conceptual house utilizing the thermoplastics and their latest thinking in terms of  sustainability. GE was way ahead of the game back in the 90’s. They knew thermoplastics could be recycled and reused.  Their plan was to have manufacturers use engineering grade thermoplastic in applications that required virgin materials like food and medical and then cascade down into automotive , then finally into building and construction where they could live for a longer period of time before obsolescence

One virgin application  FUSE principal Tory worked on straight out of school was this blow molded plumbing panel dubbed the Aquaduct. The idea was this  panel replaced all the measuring and cutting of copper. Quick fit connectors would be used so plumbing this sort of common  sink installation job could be a snap!