RED Orbiter Line

Client: Herman Miller

  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering

A Masters in Cartography

After the missing in action Crane Chair prototype, Herman Miller contacted FUSE to participate in  a design competition to design a furniture line or system that fell somewhere between  Office Depot and  the more expensive Contract furniture. We were told it need to be flat packed and Ready To Assemble (RTA). After that, the requirements were up to us. FUSE said “yes” and was given 3o days to come up with something to present at HM headquarters.  Our design focused on what we thought all start-ups, fast moving  design firms needed.  That is: what we needed.  We knew we wanted wheels and  adjustable work surface heights. We had built our own MDF work surfaced desks and knew how heavy they were.  We used this  super light structural material called PEPCORE for our work surfaces. We also noticed that all images of all furniture never showed the cords  that ran the CPU’s, monitors and equipment that every knowledge worker used . We made our vertical structures into cable ways with multiple access point for cords to enter and exit.

Our design was one of the winners and  went on to be prototyped by HM. Ultimately, we lost the PEPCORE work surface as the supplier could not make enough of it, cheap enough, but our design was being manufactured.

Ready to set sale

This image shows what the final production colors materials and finishes ended up being for one color way. Yes, we lost the the Pepcore work surface but we still had our comfortable urethane leading edge. Additionally, The connection to the fasteners was right on top of the desk top so there was no need to build the product upside down and then struggle with the needed flip over,

One fastener for all

FUSE worked closely with HM to engineer the system. We used a common head for all fasteners so only one tool (included) was needed.