Client: GE

  • Industrial Design


This is the previous Supra Lock box - ugly, unimaginative design with a clumsy snap-in keypad entry.


Sleek, simplified, integrated new look with infrared access code entry making access control simpler and one handed. Our integration of the shackle created a secure, machined of a billet look. The chamfered design references Architectural shapes and visually slims the enclosure.


GE’s Supra division is the leader in providing access control in residential real estate and they came to FUSE to update their realtor’s keybox.   FUSE provided industrial design solutions and  this was the design chosen and recommended.  We worked hand in hand with Supra’s engineering team to integrate the mechanical features with our new design. We’re told this model had sales over 2,000,000 units.

Supra IBox Open Context